General Questions

1How is the Cost Valued?
24 HR Pro is for those who are ready to treat their website like a real business. These days, any website has way more revenue generating potential than any brick-n-mortar business. Think about the cost of one employee per month. With 24 HR Pro, you get 20 years of experience guiding you all the way with everything you need to grow your online business. For the cost of one low paid employee you can get your new online business going.
2Our Guarantee
All agreements must be and are arranged up front. Depending on the plan chosen and specific needs of the client, each development will have it's own unique needs and timelines. But in general, 24 HR Pro has many solutions that can be done in one day or over a 24 hour period (which may be three, 8 hour days, as an example). But all prospective clients will know ahead of time and agree to deliverables and timelines. So please call and email for your scope of work to be outlined. 24 HR Pro also does large scale and custom development that may take much loner than 24 hours and will be pre-arranged if such work is estimated. In the event that the client is not satisfied with the work and choose to not pay for services rendered, 24 HR Pro retains all rights to the work performed.
3Website Myth: If You Build It, They Will Come
Not unless you treat it like you would a business you built in the real world and all the things you did there to get it noticed. Online business can make way more money from one location, the website, but you have you have to market it, constantly work on its appearance, security and customer feedback. You have to treat your online business like a real business.
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5How Does the Work Involve Me?
How much the client is involved in the project will always be pre-determined and greatly affects the cost of the project. Written content is the biggest aspect a client needs to supply for expedited delivery. Company mission statement, bio's history, services, profiles, etc. are obviously things a company needs to supply about itself. With 20 Years of business experience, 24 HR Pro can assist clients in developing this content but the time is billable. As for images, clients can opt for "stock image use or have us take photos on location (or a mix of both).

Once It's Done

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Ongoing Development

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